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Twisted Legacy

Lurkers suck, so you better post!

5/16/08 12:04 pm - axisofevil86 - OMG

TL community, I love you. Marry me scoot? Or MCPQ with me when I hit 37.. So I can rage you up like rawr.

So bored, and sick too. I hope I'm not getting c diff like my grandmother. If so, TL, this might be goodbye. JK.

8/19/06 05:04 am - kingegg - hmmm

word, yo.

10/10/05 09:40 pm - aquafoxguy3 - HI!

Nobody was postin' up in dis' biiiyatch righ' here, so I thought I'd say "HI!"


http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=582591&topic=23430091 ?

7/12/05 01:42 pm - aquafoxguy3 - World Jump Day

World Jump Day!!!

July 20, 2006 ?!?!?!???!!!!?

Cross posted in dbhs_comm, ibscrewed, surviving_ib, twistedlegacy

(Spam? Ehhh. This place needed a post, anyways)

4/5/05 09:52 pm - axisofevil86

You need better polls...
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You need better polls... <_< >_> Like something about me.

3/13/05 06:34 pm - mythicinsanity - Kickasstacular.

Welp, I just got back from drill practice.

We're going to have 1-2 more before competition... It's going to be in Georgia this time. Yay for shorter drive.

Anyway, our drill is rocking hard. We've never drilled this well before.

Our volley ball still needs work, though. We have a few people who just run all over the court trying to carry the team on their shoulders. No one, including them, is going to get any better from that.

Heh... I've never been on a drill team with this much tension between the members. There's a few of us who get along with everyone and then there's everyone else who can't stand everyone else. Everyone's getting on everyone else's nerves. it's not healthy for the whole team thing we're supposed to have going for us. We're going to have to get passed that. Now.

Anyway, good practice. We're rocking.

I talked with LTC Montille Warren, the Tennessee Director of Cadet Programs, yesterday. We had a very interesting talk. She's asked me to serve as this year's encampment cadet commander. Kick fucking ass. I've never heard of a captain commanding an encampment... Not even a major. I'm quite excited.

I'm working on getting my staff together right now... She's supposed to be sending me some stuff soon.

I'm looking forward to encampment now.


1/8/05 12:31 pm - mythicinsanity - WHOMG

Oh, too sexy!

1/1/05 08:59 pm - warpedbelief - I created this out of bored

You can post whatever you want here, I don't really care.

1/1/05 08:41 pm - axisofevil86 - First!

I <3 TL so much. It is my GOD!

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